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What is the Scientific Explanation of Cloverfield’s Disease?

by dzib

Although Cloverfield was generally liked by the audience when it was released in 2008, it is not possible to say this for everyone who watched the movie, especially in the movie theater. Because many people who watched the movie got sick and had to leave the movie theater.

Released in 2008 and using the technique of shooting with handheld camera Cloverfieldwas generally admired by both viewers and critics. However, many viewers who watched the movie suffered from nausea.

Directed by Mett Reeves, this movie is a discomfort for the audience. Cloverfield disease (Cloverfield illness) was named. So, what was the reason behind why the movie caused this discomfort for audiences?

The cause of Cloverfield’s disease according to science

A group of friends living in Cloverfield, New York, gathering to celebrate one of them going to work abroad, and a group with handheld camera It begins by recording all that happened. As the tempo of the film rises with the attack of a mysterious creature from the sea, we continue to watch all the events from the hand camera of this character named Hud.

The hand-held camera technique, which was used frequently in horror movies for a period, adds a naturalness to the images we watch. Of course, because this naturalness wants to be protected, we watch the images. hand camera shaking a lot and this creates a condition called Cloverfield disease, as it sends highly mixed signals to the brain.

According to Screen Rant’s news from WebMD, it is in Turkish vehicle / vehicle sickness as we use “motion sickness”, It happens because the brain receives complex messages from the inner ears and eyes. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache and sweating are seen in motion sickness.

The audience watching Cloverfield in the movie theater communicates with the inner ear and the brain while sitting still in their seats. Continuous movement of the camera to be It gives the message that the audience is constantly running around and moving. For people who are prone to motion sickness, all these complex messages their brains receive naturally cause a big problem.


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Of course, this is not an exception to Cloverfield. The technique of shooting with handheld cameras was used frequently in horror films for a period. In this technique, it is very important that the camera moves in order to preserve the naturalness of the images and to make the audience feel fear and tension. However, the movements of the hand camera may have been a little too much in Cloverfield.

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