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The Reason Behind No Time to Die Postponement for the 3rd Time

by dzib

James Bond: No Time to Die, whose release date is set as March 2020, has been postponed for the third time recently. Some claims that companies like Nokia and Omega want to re-shoot the scenes in which their devices appear, and that is the biggest reason behind the re-postponement of the movie.

James Bond: No Time To Die, which will be the 25th movie in the James Bond series, was due to be released in March last year, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak It has to be postponed exactly 2 times The filmmakers made a new announcement recently and Third time that the movie will be released in October announced.

Once again, the reason behind the postponement of the vision date was seen as the pandemic not yet over. However, according to reliable sources, the due to aging of some technologies Some sponsors such as Nokia and Omega, wanted the scenes showing their devices to be shot again and the date of the vision had to be postponed once again.

Sponsors want their latest models to be introduced

James Bond in the movie No Time To Die Many products from Nokia Mobile and Omega has. If the movie was released on the first date, both brands chance to announce new products with this movie would catch. However, the date of the vision has been postponed consecutively and Nokia and Omega device launches he had to do it already.


Hitman Developer IO Interactive Shares New Information About James Bond Game

According to the allegations made, the mentioned brands are from the production company. retaking scenes in which their device appears wanted. James Bond, as most of us already know, always using the latest model products he appears as a character, but brands such as Nokia and Omega make such a request a little too much detail is seen as.

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