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Skull Island Anime Subject to Gorilla Kong

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In a statement made on Twitter, Netflix announced that they are working on two new anime that will be the subject of Tomb Raider and Kong: Skull Island. These anime, which are still under production, will be made in partnership with Legendary Entertainment, which is famous for Monstreverse.

From the digital streaming platform Netflix Kong: Skull Island A new anime is coming. The new anime to be made in partnership with Legendary Entertainment, the production company launched with the Godzilla anime. in the monster universe will pass.

Netflix recently made a new announcement on Twitter and announced that they are working on an anime about the legendary game series Tomb Raider. The company’s new goal is to make a new anime about the giant gorilla Kong and the chaos it causes in the world.

Netflix expands its anime collection

Legendary Entertainment, in 2014 Godzilla series He had stepped into the anime world with and slowly began to build his own monster universe, Monsterverse. Anime is expected to be released next March Godzilla vs Kong After merging with the Skull Island adventure will begin and there will be plenty of giant gorilla Kong We’ll see.

Netflix, on the other hand, started to give importance to anime production in about 2019. Between 2019 and 2020, the company was almost Watching anime in over 100 million homes specified, in order to meet the expectations of users, Anime & Company He signed a partnership with the company named.

Netflix did not give much detail in its statement. So in the Skull Island anime who will do the voiceovers, when the release date will be and what kind of anime will be Unknown. However, when we look at Kong’s previous stories, it would be a perfectly correct guess to expect an action-packed anime.

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