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Netflix’s Shuffle Play Feature Begins Tested

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Netflix has started testing the “Shuffle Play” feature, which it has been working on for a while, on smart TVs. This feature allows users who have difficulty finding what to watch, to meet brand new content with just one click. The AI-powered feature works according to the user’s past movements.

World’s most popular online TV series and movie platform Netflixhas been in search of making it easier for users to find content for a long time. Even the company is developing in this context “Shuffle PlayIt was already known that there was a feature called “Shuffle Play”. Recent developments show that this feature has started to reach various devices and will reach all users in 2021.

It is a well-known fact that there are countless contents on Netflix. As such, users understand which content is suitable for them. they have difficulty. There are even users who cancel their Netflix subscription because they cannot find content to watch. The feature that platform developers call Shuffle Play is precisely this problem. eliminating. So what does this feature offer to users?

Shuffle Play will allow direct viewing of content the user may like

The new feature Netflix has been working on for a while is a feature that works according to users’ activities. from artificial intelligence consists of. A user who cannot find what to watch can enjoy a brand new content thanks to a new button to be added to Netflix. in seconds will reach. This content will be determined according to the productions the user has watched before. In this context, you will be able to access a production you have previously viewed or add to your list and access content you have not yet watched.


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Shuffle Play, according to the statements made by Netflix, is currently only in smart television applications being tested. However, it is currently unknown how many televisions have reached this feature. Stating that they started to receive user feedback, the platform just stated that the first comments were positive. Netflix has expanded the test phase of the feature a little more, In 2021 emphasizes that all users can benefit from this feature.

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