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Netflix Turkey New Series and Movies

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As we approached the end of January, Netflix released its announcement for the planning of February. Statements made by the company reveal that users will be introduced to more new series in February. In addition, Pele’s documentary will be on Netflix in February.

Netflix has announced new content to be broadcast in February. The statements made by Netflix reveal that users will meet new series next month. In addition, 3 new films of the platform will meet with users in February. So what awaits Netflix users in February?

Netflix looks like it’s going to be a quiet February, actually. Because the number of disclosed contents is slightly less than the previous months. However, in February, a documentary about the life of Pele, a football legend, will also be on Netflix. In other words, we can already say that February will have productions that will engage users as in other months.

February 2021 – new TV shows and movies on Netflix:

  • Netflix TV series:
    • Firefly Lane (3 February)
    • The Crew (February 15)
    • Behind Her Eyes (February 17)
    • Tribes of Europa (February 19)
  • Netflix movies:
    • Malcolm and Marie (February 5)
    • World News (10 February)
    • I Care a lot (February 19)

Netflix Original TV series

Firefly Lane (3 February)

Firefly Lane, which will appear as Netflix’s first new series in February, is an adaptation of the bestseller novel written by Kristin Hannah. The series, which will tell about the friendship relationship of two women named Tully and Kate for 30 years, seems to be one of the favorites for Netflix users who are planning to spend February in emotional mood.

The Crew (February 15)

The Crew series is the kind that will especially attract the attention of the Y generation. The reason for this is that the series is a comedy series that focuses directly on Gen Y. In the series starring Kevin James, we will watch the relationship between the chief of a NASCAR garage and the younger than the chief tech-addicted garage members.

Behind Her Eyes (February 17)

Behind Her Eyes, which will appeal to Netflix users who love mystery, bizarre events and chaos, explores the relationship of a divorced woman with her psychiatrist. Our main character, who will meet his boss’s wife somehow and become a friend, will understand what kind of trouble he has fallen into after it is too late.

Tribes of Europa (February 19)

Tribes of Europa, which will appear as Netflix’s new science fiction series, will take the audience to 2074. Europe, which collapsed after global events, will be left to its fate by three brothers in this series.

Netflix Originals

Malcolm and Marie (February 5)

Malcolm and Marie, which will be released on February 5, seems to be remembered as one of Netflix’s classic sexuality-themed movies. In the film, we will witness the story of Malcolm and his girlfriend Marie, who made money as a director. We will see together what the couple will experience when their relationship is difficult and they have to face each other.

World News (10 February)

News from World

World news tells the story of a business war veteran and an orphan girl. The veteran’s path, whose sole purpose is to read news, will fall to Texas this time, and the dangerous nature of the state will immediately absorb the veteran.

I Care a lot (February 19)

I Care a lot describes what happened to a guardian who was actually a fraudulent guardian. The last client of the guardian, who has managed to get rich over the old until now, is an old woman with rather dark connections.

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