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Netflix Acquires Broadcasting Rights of Heart of Stone

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Netflix purchased the rights to the new spy movie Heart of Stone, starring Gal Gadot, the star of Wonder Woman 1984. Filming is expected to begin soon.

In recent years, we have gotten used to watching TV series and movies on platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, and Amazon Prime. However, we still had a habit of watching movies in movie theaters, and film producers too they used their primary choice for movie theaters.

With the pandemic that changed our lives completely in 2020, unfortunately, this habit has changed. The closed movie theaters caused giant productions to choose online platforms to meet with the audience. Netflix giant platforms such as to purchase broadcasting rights took it as an opportunity.

Netflix’s latest move is a spy movie with Gal Gadot: Heart of Stone

Produced by series such as Heart of Stone, Mission: Impossible, Transformers Skydancer’s latest major release. The main character of the scenario, which is based on a female spy, was last introduced with Wonder Woman 1984. Gal Gadot will revive.

Heart of Stone, Netflix and Skydance not the first collaboration. The two had previously agreed on ‘The Old Guard’, ‘6 Underground’ and their new movie ‘The Adam Project’, directed by Shawn Levy. Skydance is also another big production, ‘The Tomorrow War ‘ continues to negotiate with Amazon.


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The filming of the movie has not started yet and details of the script is kept secret for now. The production, which is thought to start shooting soon, will appear on Netflix in the coming months.

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