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Disney + Statement by Netflix CEO

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Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings made a statement about Disney +, one of the biggest competitors among online streaming platforms and continues to increase its subscribers day by day.

The competition between online streaming platforms is increasing day by day. Similar to the competition that has increased locally with the increase in the number of local platforms in our country, there is also being experienced among global broadcast platforms. One of the biggest competitors in the market Netflix and Disney + competition is coming.

In addition to Netflix’s long-standing broadcast all over the world Disney + has been on the air for about 1.5 years and still It doesn’t have a network as wide as Netflix. However, despite this, the audience of the platform has increased with a very high acceleration since its launch in November 2019.

Number of Disney + subscribers at the moment 83 million has exceeded. In Netflix, this figure is much higher as you can imagine; approximately 204 million. But what is impressive at this point is that Disney + has only Having reached in 14 months.

‘Disney has great stories’:

Commenting on this successful rise of Disney +, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said:What Disney does is really impressive. Moreover, this allows us, viewers hungry for beautiful stories for much more content. shows you are ready to pay more and Disney has great stories‘he said.


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Stating that the competition will always be positive for both platforms and viewers, Hastings said.This feat of Disney our excitement is also increasing, We are working with greater enthusiasm to increase our content budget and increase our membership. It will be great for everyone to have Disney and Netflix competing with each other for TV shows and movies like this. for example in family animations We are eager to be able to catch them and even get past them with time, but of course we have a long way to go. We also want to continue to lead the way in general entertainment content. At this point for example Content like Bridgerton I don’t think you can see it from Disney anytime soon.‘used expressions.

So what do you think about Netflix’s CEO’s statements? Disney + is not yet available in our country, but we expect to see this platform in 2021, according to estimates. You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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