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A New Spin-off Coming to Tell GoT’s 80 Years Ago

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According to reliable sources, HBO has begun work on a second Game of Thrones series after House of the Dragon. The new series will tell the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall and Aegon V Targaryen, based on the Tales of Dunk & Egg series.

Preparations have started for the House of the Dragon series, which will tell 300 years before the Game of Thrones legend, and even casting had begun. Another good news came from HBO, the producer of the GoT series that fascinated millions of viewers.

According to information from multiple sources, HBO just for viewers who don’t want to turn it into Targaryen wars He decided to shoot another new drama. The subject of the new series is from Aegon Targaryen guards Ser Duncan The Tall it will be.

The new drama will tell the Tales of Dunk & Egg series

Ser Duncan The Tall, by George RR Martin Tales of Dunk & Egg a hero in the series. This series, completed in 2005, Ser Duncan the Tall and known as Egg King Aegon V Targaryen It is about adventures. The new series is expected to have the same plot as the book.


When will the House of the Dragon series set in the Game of Thrones Universe? Here is the Subject and the Actors

The new series is one of the Game of Thrones stories we’ve watched before exactly 80 years ago will come true. It’s a bit early to talk about the cast of the series and the exact script, because it’s for the new neither director nor screenwriter has been determined. When the preparations for House of the Dragon are completely finished, detailed information about the new series will begin to come.

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