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A cut scene of Suicide Squad Joker released

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Recently, Warner Bros. had a visual feast for fans by releasing cut scenes of the Justice League movie Zack Synder on HBO Max. DC Universe fans wanted the same decision to apply to the Joker, and Sucide Squad’s producer David Ayer shared one of the Joker’s cut scenes.

Warner Bros. studios, the popular character of the recent Justice League movie Directional footage of Zack Snyder.was available to cinema enthusiasts. These scenes, not shown in the film and shot as alternatives, are officially for Snyder fans a visual feast had created.

After Zack Snyder’s scenes, DC Comics fans wanted to use those rights to the Joker, who also appeared in Suicide Squad. The producer of the film, David Ayer, could not stand these insistence and is the world’s favorite villain. Images of the cut scenes of the Joker shared.

A scene released with half the Joker’s face burnt

As you know, Harley Quinn was one of the most striking characters in the movie Suicide Squad, and the producers of the film cut the scenes of other characters. usually to Harley Quinn had left. However, die-hard Joker fans reacted against this situation and expressed that they wanted to see more scenes of Joker.


Jared Leto to Play the Joker Once Again in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Released as Snyder’s Cut, these images also sparked Joker fans, and David Ayer shared a scene that was not shown in the movie. In the first scene that aired, Joker, half his face burnt “Shame on you” is in the statements. The published scene aims to make a collection of all cut scenes over time. ReleaseTheAyerCuts Shared from a Twitter account named.

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