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10 Documentaries Netflix Streamed for Free

by dzib
Netflix’in Ücretsiz Olarak Yayınladığı 10 Belgesel

We have listed 10 documentaries broadcast free of charge on the Youtube channel by Netflix to help students and teachers during the quarantine days and to help those who are locked away at home more efficiently.

Many companies have started to offer their existing services free of charge nowadays when we are closed to homes as much as possible due to the new coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic that affects the whole world. One of them is the world’s most popular TV series and movie platform. Netflix. Netflix He recently announced that he has released 10 of his documentaries free of charge on his Youtube channel.

10 documentaries published by Netflix, Subtitle option in 14 different languages was presented to the audience with. It is possible to watch these documentaries free of charge on many different subjects such as nature, people and art. For you Netflix by On youtube channel We have listed 10 free documentaries and talked about their topics to help you choose to watch.

Netflix free documentaries:

  • Our Planet
  • Chasing Coral
  • 13TH
  • Knock Down The House
  • Period. End Of Sentence
  • The White Helmets
  • Zion
  • Explained
  • Abstract: The Art of Design
  • Babies

Our Planet

  • IMDb Point: 9.3
  • Subject: Habitat diversity in the world

Our Planet, released in 2019, is one of Netflix’s most popular documentary series. TV series takes you to a different point of the world and it shows the live life there up close as you’ve never seen it before. These geographies are sometimes fun and sometimes action.

Chasing Coral

  • IMDb: 8.1
  • What it’s about: The mysterious disappearance story of coral reefs

Released in 2017, Chasing Coral is an exciting documentary film. Of coral reefs in the oceans to mysteriously disappear Discovering that it started, a team of scientists, divers and photographers are trying to find the reason behind this disappearance.


  • IMDb: 8.2
  • Subject: A critical view of the US justice system

In this documentary film published in 2016, the justice system of the United States of America is examined in depth. Practiced in courts and prisons racial inequality, Discriminatory practices by law enforcement and the effects of this situation on the streets are scrutinized.

Knock Down The House

  • IMDb: 6.9
  • Subject: Congress race of women politicians

A documentary film about women candidates participating in the 2018 congressional elections in the United States. The documentary describes the US election process through 4 women candidates participating in the congressional elections, What is the place of women in politics It focuses on the question and brings together the never-thought-out emotional side of this work with the audience.

Period. End Of Sentence

  • IMDb: 7.4
  • Subject: Indian women’s struggle for freedom

Menstruation stigmatization practice is still ongoing Group of Indian women in rural India They start to produce sanitary pads thanks to a new machine. Thanks to this new production, women gain freedom in both social and economic fields and enter into a struggle for existence.

The White Helmets

  • IMDb: 7.5
  • Subject: Syria’s aid volunteers

In this short documentary film published in 2016, the human tragedy experienced in Syria is closely examined. Suffered the heaviest burden of war and whose houses were destroyed by bombings pull civilians out of dent again, the hero falls on the white helmeted volunteers.


  • IMDb: 7.2
  • Subject: The success story of an unimpeded wrestler

Zion Clark is a teenager born without legs and in foster care for years. This young self-finding and his competitive power begins with his meeting with wrestling. This short documentary, released in 2018, also receives a Sundance Film Festival nomination.


  • IMDb: 8.0
  • Subject: Seeking answers to all questions about humanity

It is not known when this documentary series, which started airing in 2018, will end. Because in Explained all questions of humanity wonder trying to explain. Those who are curious about science, sports, art, history and many more are taken under the microscope and a different subject is explained in each section.

Abstract: The Art of Design

  • IMDb Score: 8.4
  • Subject: Genius designers who shape our world

A documentary series about the change of art in today’s world and the effects of this change on daily life. In every episode throughout the series a different artist and art branch under review. Each artist works on a different discipline and each one touches a point of our lives without us even realizing it.


  • IMDb: 7.0
  • Subject: Everything curious about babies

Unknown aspects about babies emerge in the Babies documentary series. One What does a baby feel when he is born, Wondering questions such as how to perceive the world, how to take the first steps, how to say the first word, have emerged with many years of scientific studies and meet the audience with this documentary series.

Teachers, students, who want to spend their time productively or just those who want to watch something different We have listed 10 documentaries released for free on Youtube by Netflix. Thanks to these documentaries, you may be enlightened on a subject you have always wondered about or you can learn information you have never heard before.

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